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Charm and professionalism
at the "Sun"

  • Genuine spontaneous warmth, straight from the heart.
  • The joy of living, and a sunny outlook.
  • Friendly, with an engaging energy and passion.
  • Genuine, and loving what we do.


Gabi and Franz Hilpold, the second generation of hoteliers, have a "Sunny" disposition, just like their hotel. The third generation are still in the making, but are already showing signs of interest in our family hotel.

Guest reviews
Hotel Sun makes every day of your stay sunny! Extremely friendly owners, very comfortable room, good food, exquisite spa! I highly recommend staying at this hotel.



Together with our trusted staff, we'll take the utmost care of your comfort and well-being. And you won't just get the holiday you longed for, but something infinitely better!


How the Sun Hotel got its name

Have you had problems pronouncing it?
Never mind! Sometimes you hear it said with a very short "U", and at other times with stress on the "N". Some people add an extra sound, rather like an "E". However, we always say it with a long "U" and a short "N". In fact, our hotel doesn't take its name from the English word "sun", as many people first assume, but rather from a word in the local Valle Isarco dialect. So "Sun" is not pronounced "SANN", but rather "SUUN" with a drawn-out "U". It relates to the name originally given to this local area, which was called the "Hintersun" (Behind the Sun). So now you've learned something new, and you already know at least one word in our original dialect...


6=5 or 7=6 during the golden autumn incl. half board


Period: september and october 2020


6 nights from € 530,- per person with half board

7 nights from € 636,- per person with half board


Swimming, trekking, cycling, wellness, sun, chestnuts, grapes, and apples, ....

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Hintersun 29 • 39040 Naz/Sciaves