Natz/Schabs - Where the finest apples grow

Beautiful prospects

We'd like you to paint you an evocative picture. Just imagine:

A huge expanse of pink and white blossom in springtime. Intense green in summer. Multi-coloured leaves, rosy apples, and brilliant yellow vineyards in autumn. A magical white landscape in winter.

Although we're at 890 metres, thanks to our very sunny position we can grow a huge range of exotic plants and fruit trees, including cherries, plums, apricots, pears and, of course, apples. And let's not forget the vineyards! And as a final touch: among the apple orchards on the Naz-Sciaves plateau you'll also find oleanders and lavender, adding a Mediterranean flavour to the landscape and blending in with the unique alpine flora.

The blossoms of the apple trees in spring
The apple trees in summer

An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Try counting all the apple trees around Naz-Sciaves. You'd be wasting your time, it would be a never-ending task. So we'll give you the answer: there are more than 900,000 trees - an infinite apple heaven! It's not surprising: our apples are in great demand, far beyond the borders of our region. Have you ever tried the Naz "Golden Delicious"?

The sunny apple plateau in summer
Guest reviews
A real gem! Lovely hotel very close to Bressanone, excellent starting point for lots of trips into the surrounding mountains ... family run, very kind staff, excellent cooking, very clean ... far superior quality to its star rating, an ideal choice if you want to get away from it all for a few days ...


Did you know ...
there are over 30 vitamins and trace elements in an apple?
apples are 85% water? (and we know that water's essential and good for the body!)
apples are good for our teeth and intestines?
the fructose and dextrose in apples provide instant energy?
up to 70% of the vitamins are in or just under the skin?
apples are a natural remedy, and have long been used in various treatments?
a raw apple, grated with its skin, has astringent qualities and combats diarrhoea?
apple vinegar mixed with hot water and honey soothes inflammation in the throat and mouth?
baked apples with honey help combat hoarseness?
an apple before bedtime helps you sleep well and wake up sprightly in the morning?
an apple and honey face mask leaves your skin clear and bright?
the fruit acids and fibre in apples help to clean your teeth?
apple tea (apple with its skin infused for two hours in boiling water) is effective in reducing anxiety?

Apple festival in Naz Sciaves - Boy sitting on a Tractor - Hotel Sun

A holiday with us means ...

... spending a calm, restful but varied holiday surrounded by apple trees and unspoiled countryside and enjoying the splendid South Tyrolean hospitality. Thanks to our ideal location, there are endless ways you can spend your time. We are close to the centre but away from the traffic and so in a strategic position for getting to the mountains, the cities or the motorway.

But where would you like to go?

The blossoms of the apple trees in spring
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Guest reviews
Our family-run hotel is well known for its kindness, splendid facilities, delicious cuisine and excellent service. We'd really recommend it to couples of all ages who enjoy both hiking and top-class cuisine.


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Enjoy the spring sun and get 1 day free

Enjoy the spring

Why not stay a little longer... and enjoy the spring between pleasure, culture and active experience at Hotel Sun!

02.05. – 25.05.2024

4=3 from 414,00 € p. p.

5=4 from 552,00 € p. p.

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A a gift day in the south

Why not stay a little longer... and enjoy the spring between pleasure, culture and active experience at Hotel Sun!

02.05. – 25.05.2024

5=4 from 552,00 € p. p.

Enjoy the autumn SUN 6=5

Enjoy the golden autumn in South Tyrol to the full

Enjoy the golden autumn in South Tyrol to the full - both culinary and active on the sunny high plateau of Naz-Sciaves

06.10. - 03.11.2023

Book minimum 6 nights & you get 1 night for free! from 690,00 € p. p.

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