Our wellness offers at Naz-Sciaves, near Bressanone

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Let your body relax after a long day out exploring. Our holistic treatments give you a lasting sensation of well-being. Re-establish a deep connection with your inner self, and feel replenished. Pampering for your body, peace for your spirit, and total relaxation for all your muscles.


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Enjoy pleasurable moments of relaxation and well-being, and restore your energy. Your needs come first at our spa in Naz-Sciaves. We therefore offer a great variety of massages and treatments, and are happy to adapt them to fit your tastes. Which would you prefer? A total or a partial massage, a beauty treatment or a revitalising bath?

Hotel Sun offers the following treatments:

  • Massages:
    • Sun’s Massage | 50 Mins. € 63,00
    • Relaxing Full Body Massage | 50 Mins. € 63,00
    • Partial Body Massage | 25 Mins. € 43,00
    • Active Sports Massage | 50 Mins. € 63,00
    • Foot Reflexology Massage | 25 Mins. € 43,00
    • Stimulating Foot Reflexology Massage combined with a partial body massage | 50 Mins € 63,00
    • Anti-Cellulite Massage | 50 Mins. € 63,00
    • Facial Massage | 25 Mins. € 43,00
    • Hot Stone Massage | 60 Mins. € 80,00
    • Herbal stemps Massage | 60 Mins. € 80,00
    • Time Out Massage | 50 Mins. € 63,00
    • Individual Massage | 50 Mins. € 63,00
    • Brush Massage | 50 Mins. € 63,00
  • Vitalizing soft-pack bathtub:
    • Moisturizing Pack with Massage | 90 Min. € 90,00
    • Calming Pack with Massage | 90 Min. € 90,00
    • Sporty and Vitalizing Pack with Massage | ca. 90 Min. € 90,00
    • Hay bath with haypeeling and massage | 90 Min € 90,00

For reservations ask at the reception or at the beauty department.


… and how do you like to relax?

The wellness area of our hotel
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Guest review
The wellness area is very smart and attractive, with a part that's suitable for children and a quieter section for adults with saunas and Turkish baths. The natural pond is a particularly nice place to stretch out and sunbathe. A great plus point is the kindness of the staff and the owners, who are always ready to respond to our needs.

Emanuele M.

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Guest reviews
Our family-run hotel is well known for its kindness, splendid facilities, delicious cuisine and excellent service. We'd really recommend it to couples of all ages who enjoy both hiking and top-class cuisine.


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Enjoy the golden autumn in South Tyrol to the full

Enjoy the golden autumn in South Tyrol to the full - both culinary and active on the sunny high plateau of Naz-Sciaves

08.10. - 29.10.2023

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